Future Projects ( be developed and available for service delivery within
the next 5 years.
Trust Corp.

Economic Development
1 Individual, 1 Business, 1 Community, 1 Nation at a time.
* Workforce Development and Entrepreneurial Support Training for Administrators
We train professionals who support small businesses and entrepreneurs in how to structure and grow
businesses in all industries
. We offer our students both general knowledge for specific levels of growth and
development and industry specific knowledge once a business client is determined. Our students learn how
to analyze local markets, how to
forecast and manage client accounting, and how to build structures that
work. To learn more about what our students receive follow this
link to our Training Services page.

* The Independent Professionals' Resource Network was established to develop a means of making
self-employment a reliable source of income. Members of the Independent Professsionals' Resource
Network receive accounting, marketing, writing and administrative support through other independent
professionals in the network and profesionals that EDTC hires. These members are recruited to contract
positions equal or better than the best position in their resume. In 2010, they will be given the opportunity
to update and maintain their resumes and CVs online through

* Enterprise Development
Solutions include the Business Building program and the Business
Incubators Training and Apprenticeship Program. With these programs EDTC develops Markets for Small
Business owner operators while simultaneously building both supply chain resources and internal service
delivery capacity. Our services are delivered with affordable and competititve rates at 10% to 30% of market
rates depending on gross revenue per industry type.

EDTC's Enterprise Development Solution is delivered locally and in person or on a
customizable and scalable platform
. Our service solution often includes:
- Leadership and Management Coaching
- Backoffice Support (when needed)
- Strategic Planning
- Comprehensive Marketing
- Supply Chain Development
- Sales and Service Delivery Process Development

To learn more visit

* Management Consulting for MicroBusiness offers an innovative new way to provide business
owners on multiple levels with back office essentials, as well as expert level accounting, marketing, fund
development and management. This project provides nationally scalable executive support that can be
delivered in an ongoing package or as on-demand services for emergency projects. The project will be
available for review and for service delivery at

Small Business Development is the back bone of every local economy. Thusly, EDTC works toward
systematic and sustainable economic development by providing the tools, expertise, resources and
services to increase the viability of promising microenterprises in developing and disadvantaged

We pursue this goal through the following projects:
* Transitional Residences for Refugees and Homeless Families

* Economic Development for refugee camps that host victims of natural disasters